27 Secrets 4 You Are About Beyoncé

18. She was already a veteran actress at the age of 13, when Beyoncé had her first vocal injury, she got involved with Harper’s Bazaar. “We just got our first record deal, and I was afraid I had developed nodules and ruined my voice and my career could be over,” she said sadly. “The doctors put me on vocal rest all summer and I was silent again.”

19. She also had chronic sinus problems early on, although it didn’t stop them any more then than when she was growing up, taping “XO” in 2013 with bad sinusitis. (“I really liked the imperfection,” she said Outside magazine.)

“What I found immediately intriguing was that even though she had a cold or an allergy that day, she had somehow benefited from it,” Tony Mo. Taraporelli said. “Most kids grumble when they get sick. It’s not her—she forced herself to sing even when she could barely speak.”

The show was always on. In 2011, Pai told ITV, “My nose bleeds so much and when I sing I can’t blow it, so there have been occasions where I’ve ended up with a bubble coming out of my nose.”

20. When she was young, her family lived on Parkwood Drive in Houston, which inspired the name of her production company which turned into a multi-level empire Parkwood Entertainment that she started when she was 27 years old. “At the time, there was no company that did what I needed or ran the way I wanted.” Harper’s Bazaar. “So, I created the badass multipurpose conglomerate which was a creative agency, a record company, a production company, a management company to produce and work on projects that meant the most to me. I wanted to run myself and have a company that put art and creativity first.”

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