4th Anniversary of Phineas by Claudia Solowsky is pure poetry

Phineas’ sister, Billy, even had Claudia complete the song she collaborated with Rosalia, “Lo Vas A Olvidar.” O’Connell Family – Parents Maggie Bird And the Patrick O’Connell Together with Billy, Phineas and Claudia – they met during pandemic family movie nights. One fateful night, the siblings invited their parents and Claudia to listen to the song that was at that time in progress.

At that time, they were trying to finish the last lyric. The line, “You’re saying it to me like it’s something I have no choice in / If I don’t matter, why waste all your poison” came out that night.

“We both, both of us, including my dad and mom, we were like, ‘What if it’s like…” We were all coming up with ideas,’ the Grammy winner said. “So technically, they should have a written accreditation, Because we all wrote that line at the end.”

This family really seems to be happier than ever.

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