6 Celebrities Who Said No To Doing Reality TV With Their Partner Or Family

The private feud between the Green Bay Packers quarterback and his immediate family became public knowledge after his younger brother Jordan Rodgers featured on The bachelorette In 2016. When he brought Jordan JoJo Fletcher To Chico, California, for his hometown date, he shared that Aaron has been away from the rest of the family for two years.

“It doesn’t have to be a topic,” Jordan explained. “I’ll just tell them we talked about it, and yes.” Of course, the topic became the topic, with Fletcher even admitting to the chair at the Rodgers family dinner table, saying she knew the family might have wished Aaron had been seated at it.

And when Jordan and Fletcher tied the knot in May 2022, Aaron did not attend the wedding. Still, the athlete hopes for his future reconciliation.

He said on an episode of “Many people have problems with family and deal with it in their own ways.” Aubrey Marcus Podcast Released in August. “For me, I have always tried to deal with it calmly behind closed doors. This has not always been the case or has not been good enough for a lot of people wanting to write about it, or dismiss it, or talk about it, or even some of the things my family has said or done Over the years that has been public.”

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