A boy meets an international cast fixes long years of squabbling with Trina McGee

In fact, Friedel said it was so upsetting that someone made her think this was the reason for her sudden farewell. “This is not competitiveness, this is sociopathy,” he said. “It disgusts me. This is the next level.”

McGee said she tended to believe the lie as there was some tension between her and her co-stars, including Fishel. McGee notes that she regrets not befriending Fishel, who could have been an ally. Fishel agreed, saying, “We could have helped each other.”

McGee also buried the hatchet with Friedel, who admitted to making an insensitive racial joke at the time of filming. Friedel remembered seeing McGee wearing red and jokingly said she looked like Aunt Jemima, adding, “So before I walked by, I walked over and went, ‘Love your drink,’ and went to the set, diary, ‘Boom, zing!'” I just brought her for her hat. “

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