A family-friendly movie that tells a true kidnapping story

Antosca previously released a statement of their own, hoping that “anyone watching the series will come out with a deeper understanding of the family and say, ‘Back then, in that place, they were just like me. They made huge mistakes, but they loved their kids. And one of the master manipulators took advantage of them.'”

“The series exists outside the typical categories of the genre,” he continued. “It’s a thriller about obsessive relationships, family drama, and the terrifying tale of puberty.”

As described by the viewer family friend As a story about survival “and a larger story about the American psyche, the institutions of family, religion, and society.”

“Part of what makes the story so extraordinary is not how strange it is, but the fact that the Broberg family ever told it,” Antosca said. “It was a painful and complex story to work on. In addition to the thousands of pages of trial transcripts, FBI notes, interviews, and childhood diaries that we were able to use to tell the story, we had the privilege of working with Jan Broberg herself. We could not and would not be able to tell this story. Without Jan and her family’s blessing and participation. Thank you for watching.”

Scroll for photos of family friend , which premieres Thursday, October 8 on Peacock, with three episodes at launch and new episodes airing weekly thereafter.

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