Alexandra Rose says some OC co-stars sold her off

“I’ve heard some negative comments where I’m like, ‘Oh, well I guess that’s the case,'” he revealed Sean Palmieri. sweet geo He added, “I feel like they were a lot friendlier before our trailer came out, though. And then they saw what that show was going to be like, they’re like, oh-t.”

But the rookie crew doesn’t feel threatened by them Sell Loans. In fact, they are open to a little friendly competition.

“I think there should be a bit of competition, at least in business,” he said. Lauren Short. “I think we are all competitive people by nature, being real estate agents.”

Check out the full episode above to see which of the celebrities Jason Oppenheim Request to sell their home via DMs.

Season 1 of sell OC Streaming now on Netflix.

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