All I know about love fashion is the climax in the Indie Sleaze

All I know about love It’s not just a love letter to friendship – it’s also a poem poem for a very specific time period set in: 2012.

Peacock series based on Dolly AldertonThe bestselling memoir of the same name follows BFFs Maggie’s childhood (Emma Appleton) and Byrdie (Bill Pauli(As they move into their first apartment in London with their college mates, Neil)Marley Siu) and architecture (Alia Udovin). Together, they navigate bad dates, career problems, heartache and humiliation—all while swaying the best (and worst!) fashions of the 2000s.

One of the biggest aesthetics of the time was “indie sleaze,” the era of fashion defined by skinny jeans, smudged eyeliner, short leather jackets, beanie hats and practically anything from American Apparel. For Appleton, he wears it all All I know about love It was “a blast from the past”.

She told E! News in an exclusive interview. “I put it on and said, ‘You know? I’m going to wear it again.'”

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