All three Law and Order shows unite in the Giant Crossing event

Get ready for the season crossover event.

NBC announced on August 24 that there will be three historic hours Law and order The crossover occurred on September 22nd which will see characters from across the franchise working together on a cause. The night will start with Law and Order: Organized Crimewhich will lead to Law & Order: Special Victims Unitbefore ending with Law and order.

He will see the intersection Mariska HargitayCaptain Olivia Benson, Christopher Melonidiet. Elliot Stabler Jeffrey Donovandiet. Frank Cosgrove, Mehcad Brooks‘Det. Galen Shaw Sam WaterstonJack McCoy and Hugh DancyADA’s Nolan Price teams up to find out what happened after a mysterious girl was shot in cold blood.

Benson and Stabler were called to work on the case after Cosgrove and Shaw realized they “had more than a typical murder case on their hands,” according to NBC. After revealing key evidence, Jack McCoy (Waterston) and Ada Nolan Price (Dancy) seek justice against an international crime gang,” the joke continues, “but complications threaten the outcome of their case.”

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