Anne Heck wanted these actresses to portray her in Biopic

Anne shared her admiration for the “Malibu” singer, continuing, “For her ability to go out on stage and sing a cappella. This will be how I see a pure, pure artist interacting with the world in the best time possible ever. Maybe it is. That’s why Miley and I think she’s an actress.” amazing. “

For Kristen, Ann said that frozen The actress helped her get nominated for her second Emmy Award after her screen participation in the 2004 film, Gracie’s Choice.

“She and I played a mother and daughter in a movie for life years ago,” Ann said. “And Kristen, once again, felt like a reflection of me. For her ability to tell a story, to do so through joy, and to do so with her character, her charm, her great timing, and her sense of humor. I see myself in her so much. I don’t. I think it’s wrong to play The role of her mother, and now I want her to play hers.”

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