Ariana Grande’s winged eyeliner technique is so close together

But before diving into her makeup hack, Ariana addressed the elephant in the room, noting that she wasn’t wearing her wedding ring because he was cleaning it.

“I’m not getting a divorce,” she said, adding comically, “Before you start, don’t.”

Going back to the purpose of the video, Ariana took a deep breath, grabbed her liquid eyeliner and said subtly, “I’m going to roll it up.”

To get the line she’s best known for, the “Thank You, Next” singer gently pulled the skin just below the brow bone.

“I know I’m not supposed to grab, I won’t,” she reassured. “Just Now”.

In one easy motion, she moved her wrist and carefully directed her wing first. Next, she filled in the lash line to hide the glue from her false eyelashes and thickened the wing with another coat. As for her style? She used the edges of her long nails to clean up any smudges or blemishes so the cat’s eye looked very sharp.

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