Bachelor Nation’s Zack Clark celebrates 11 years of sobriety

Zack Clark You just reached a major milestone.

Celebrating 11 years of sobriety on August 30th, The bachelorette The alum reflected on his journey in an Instagram video, acknowledging the people who helped him get to this point and sending a message to anyone battling addiction.

Well, eleven years sober today,” Zack told his followers in a video posted to Instagram. “I am so grateful. I feel so loved. Lovely notes and messages, thank you so much for all that.”

“As I sit here and reflect on the past 11 years of my life, I can’t help but realize that this actually has nothing to do with me, right?” He completed. “This is about the people who paved the way for me. Those who came before me, and most importantly, the person who is there still struggles today—struggling with their addiction, struggling with their mental health, and feeling they can’t continue.”

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