Below is Medsos Made’s trailer from the basement provokes horrific confrontations

“What’s the worst that could happen?”

under the surface of the mediterranean sea soup head Natasha Webb The question is innocently posed in E! An exclusive first look at the mid-season drama news for the series, and naturally, it doesn’t take long for you to get an answer.

Chaos occurs as every crew member seems to be fighting at least one other person – except for Natalia Scudderwhich is actually against two of her classmates: her boat boo Storm Smith And the Her fellow internal crew member Kyle Viljoen. Nothing helps Cale, but he makes his feelings for Natalya crystal clear as he leads a toast to the crew’s dinner. “Greetings for being a shy mom – bitch king,” he said to her, “but at least you’re talking about what’s on your mind.”

When it comes to Storm, it seems now that the once casual relationship between the pair is more complicated. In one minute Natalia accuses him of causing a “tantrum”, and the next day he tells her “I can’t take you anymore. Get out of my life.”

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