Britney Spears and Elton John Collab are coming sooner than you think

Wait a minute, little dancer: Britney Spears And the Elton John Dropping their new music pretty soon.

Elton’s much-anticipated new collaborative film “Tiny Dancer” will be released on August 26, according to the “Rocket Man” singer. On August 19, Elton wrote on Twitter A shot of himself and Britney A smile flashes with what appears to be a hardcover for an upcoming project.

The cover art in question features a throwback photo of Britney in a pink feather outfit next to a photo of Elton as a child playing the piano. The gorgeous pictures were supplemented by their names and the song title: “Hold Me Closer”.

The project marks Britney’s first music release since her restoration ended in November 2021. The last time the pop star officially released new songs was in 2016, when her ninth studio album was Glory issued. The record also included premium songs announced in 2020, such as “Mood Ring” and “Swimming in the Stars”.

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