Charby Dean’s brother shares insight into his sister’s sudden death

Sharpie DinThe artist’s family is clarifying the allegations regarding the sudden death of the actress.

Delay black lighting Actress’s brother Alex JacobsHe stopped rumors on social media that his sister’s death was linked to the COVID-19 vaccines.

“This is totally out of the question, from our point of view,” he shared in an interview with rolling rock August 31. “This isn’t the first wagon you need to jump on. I think that’s totally ridiculous and very naive.”

Jacobs, 21, said Dean was staying in New York with her fiancé, Luke Volckerwhen she began to feel some “mild” symptoms, which led her to ask Volcker to accompany her to the emergency room, where she died a few hours later.

Jacobs noted: “This happened literally within a day, as she had a headache, fell asleep, and woke her boyfriend saying, ‘Please take me to the hospital.'”

While Jacobs reports that the family is still not sure what happened, he said they had “heard a viral infection in her lungs” and were waiting for Dean’s official autopsy results.

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