Chrissy Teigen responds to ‘brutal’ critics about life-saving abortion

Chrissy Teigen She addresses social media users after she mentioned that she previously underwent a life-saving abortion.

The model recently discussed losing her 2020 pregnancy, explaining that she received medical help after learning about her son jack It will not survive the pregnancy. “It became very clear about halfway that he wouldn’t survive, that I wouldn’t be able to survive without any medical intervention,” Chrissy said during a summit on September 15.

“Let’s call it what it was: It was an abortion,” she continued. “A life-saving abortion of a child who had absolutely no chance. To be honest, I didn’t put that together until, in fact, a few months ago.”

Following the news, Chrissy spoke on Twitter about the audience’s reaction to her sharing her story.

“I knew this was going to happen, and honestly, I saw you were doing your worst, so if it makes you feel better, great,” Wrote. “But that doesn’t make me feel bad.”

The Cravings Foundation shared screenshots of the “brutal” comments section of what it said was Glamor’s Instagram post about her miscarriage.

One wrote, “She’s a drama queen,” and another added, “Why do we need to know that? Seriously.”

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