Christina Milian Acquires Naya Rivera in Step Up Trailer

Christina Milian intervene for step up.

The singer and actress will play Colette Jones on Season 3 of the drama Stars, a role that stems from the late. Naya Rivera.

Naya played Colette in the first two seasons of step up before it tragically sank after a boat accident in July 2020.

After Sage Odom (Northeast YuBy killing, season 3 of step up Colette found it because, according to the network, she “struggles to maintain her image as she balances out on a nationwide tour.”

As we saw in the trailer, Collette comes up with the idea for Rigo (Terence Green) to replace Sage, telling him, “This is your shot, and you’re just showing them what you can do.”

step upBased on step up Film series, following students and faculty at High Water, a competitive performing arts school in Atlanta.

“Highwater is not a school,” an audio caption reads in the promotion. “Schools should take out a product that’s compatible with the world.” “At Highwater, you are seen as a creator. Someone who will change the world.”

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