CODA member Eugenio Derbez recovering from surgery after accident

Eugenio Derbez He is recovering from a “long and complex surgery” after his wife had an accident Alessandra Rosaldo Posted on August 31.

And the actress informed her followers on social networking sites, in a statement published on the Instagram website in Spanish on August 29, that the incident occurred during the past week. While Rosaldo said that Derbez, 60, is fine and that the operation “does not harm his health,” she noted that “the recovery process will be long and difficult,” adding that “he will have to rest for several weeks and then undergo rehabilitation treatments.” Then Rosaldo thanked their fans for their good wishes.

She concluded her speech by saying, “Thank you for always being so close to us.” “I know that with the kind energy they will send us and by God’s grace, Eugenio will recover very soon.”

While Rosaldo did not reveal details of the accident or the type of injuries Derbez sustained, his production company 3Pas Studios said the accident resulted in a fracture of some of his shoulder bones.

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