Debbie Ryan addresses the conspiracy theorist on Chase Stokes

Debbie Ryan Her celebrity-like conspiracy theory puts her to rest.

The former Disney Channel star finally addressed the popular fan theory that she and Chase Stokes They are the same person during the red carpet event of her new movie, spin me round. And she even has the receipts to prove it, with the couple sharing the same room together “at least once.”

Debbie told E! News’ rundown. “And years later, Chase Stokes told me he was our server and that we interacted.”

The plot first appeared on TikTok in 2020 when the series was offshore banks—where Chase portrays John B. — premiered on Netflix. Fans have traded videos about comparing Debbie and Chase’s facial structure, using the transform filter to seamlessly transition between the two celebrities, showing their similarities. One fan wrote on TikTok, “They have the same eyebrows and face shape.”

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