Did T.I. The Chainsmokers’ Drew Taggart Punch On A Kiss? He says…

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A hug led to a slap.

Drew Taggart From The Chainsmokers He admits he took things too far when he recently broke up with the rapper TI.

On August 16, the musical duo also consists of Alex Pal—Upload a video on their TikTok titled “When a Meeting with T.I. Goes Wrong.” In the clip, Drew can be seen hanging out with the hip-hop star before the encounter heads south.

“He literally punched me in the face,” he recalls in the video as his bandmate laughs in the background. “We’re in great shape and I, for example, gave him a kiss on the cheek – it was entirely my fault.”

He continued, “And he used to say, ‘Don’t do that.'” And I said, “Okay.” He pushed me away and I said, “Okay, bad”… and he’d say, “Okay, cool, we’re kind.” It was the strangest interaction ever.”

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