Discover the great development revealed at The End of The Bachelorette

Meanwhile, it’s time for Rachel’s last date overnight zach. After a day spent tequila tasting and eating locusts in Mexico, Rachel and Zack had a romantic dinner that led to an invitation to Rachel’s suite.

But when the sun rose, it turned out that things did not go as planned.

“I woke up this morning feeling a little confused after last night,” Zack said. “The fantasy suite night with Rachel wasn’t the night I was expecting. At first I was in the fantasy suite, I was pretty sure. We’re having such a great time, we’re one step closer to being engaged and having that important conversation about religion and politics and all of that stuff.”

Zach explained that Rachel had expressed concerns about the 25-year-old’s ability to commit, which he said “came out of nowhere and I think it was bulls, to be honest.”

So, do what any confused suitor on The Bachelor would do: He went to Jesse Palmer’s room for an impassioned conversation! Zach told Jesse that Rachel was a completely different person when the cameras weren’t around, which he described as “very unoriginal.”

With only one man left in Mexico, Gabe decides to forgo the rose ceremony and have a conversation with Eric alone. In his room, Gabe told him she loved him, and Erich shouted, “That’s cool.”

This is a happy ending that is settled.

Meanwhile, when the rose party was about to begin, Zach asked to speak privately with Rachel. However, before we could tell what he said, things slipped back to Los Angeles and Jesse stood in the middle of an empty sound stage.

“I know you were all expecting to see the end of that dramatic rose party in Mexico right now,” Jesse said. “I know you are very anxious and eager to see what happens next.”

Yes Jesse! Yes we are!

“Unfortunately, you won’t see that tonight. I’m so sorry about that,” Jesse continued. “Things were so emotional and so exciting for both Gabe and Rachel that we felt it was right to take the time to prepare for the traumatic events that were about to happen. The events that are about to change both Rachel and Gabe’s lives forever.”

Then Jesse announced it next week Bachelorette Finale will be played live.

Brace yourselves, Bachelor Nation.

end of the season The bachelorette It airs September 13 at 8 p.m. on ABC.

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