Dixie D’Amelio shaves off her head to show off her hair’s dramatic transformation for the first time

Dixie Damelio It is all the hype at New York Fashion Week.

The influencer shocked fans when she showed up at Harper’s Bazaar Global Icons Party on September 9 with a shaven head. Along with the new ‘do’, Dixie wore a custom Etro dress that featured a halter neck and sexy side slits.

Before the event, the 21-year-old documented the transformation in a YouTube video, saying at one point, “I’ve wanted to do it since sixth grade.”

“I just want to, restart,” she explained in the clip, adding later, “We’ll make it a moment.”

Thinking about the major decision one last time, the TikTok star reminded herself that it’s just hair that can always grow back.

“Everyone I’ve said is like, ‘Oh, that’s going to be dope,'” she continued. “And if someone doesn’t like it, who cares.”

She added, “I just want to be a cool girl.”

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