Don’t worry lovable cinematographer dismisses tension on set

The do not worry my love The cinematographer reiterates that there is nothing to worry about.

Matthew Lipatick She talked about rumors of tension on the set Olivia WildePsychological thriller He said the alleged drama was “completely untrue”. Most speculation surrounded Wilde and his co-star Florence Bogewho reportedly suffered repercussions while filming the movie.

Lipatek, however, quelled the gossip and said that based on his own experience, there were no red flags.

“This was probably the most harmonious group ever,” Lipatek said. The Hollywood Reporter‘s behind the screen Audio notation. “Olivia created a team that believed in her and she believed in everyone in the group…When I heard there were rumors of acrimony in the group, she dismissed it. It wasn’t obvious at all.”

If any disagreements occurred, Libatique wasn’t there to see them.

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