Dylan Dreyer’s positive message to children is brighter than any expectations

You don’t want to miss these predictions!

As a mother of three boys including Calvin5, Oliver2 and 11 months contactAnd the today meteorological show Dylan Dreyer He knows that children can experience a variety of feelings for a variety of reasons.

Dylan shared an exclusive with E! “One wants to play one thing and the other wants to play with another.” News. “Before we get into trouble, I say, ‘Guys, let’s just take a deep breath and let’s figure this out. Let’s make this work.”‘ They end up doing something completely different, but they do it together and they end up having a great time together.”

The familiar journey helped inspire Dylan’s latest children’s book, Cloud mist: friends through rain or shine. Available September 13th, sequel to The New York Times Best selling books Cloud Fog: A very windy day It tells the story of a cloud interrupted by a group of sunshine.

While clouds and sunshine may find it hard to put aside their differences and agree on a game, they finally find a way to come together and make something beautiful. In this story, it’s a big and beautiful rainbow.

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