Elisha Cuthbert remembers feeling ‘pressure’ to do a sexual photo shoot

Elisha Cuthbert Pull the curtain back.

Thinking about her earlier career, the basement The actress shared that when it came to appearing on the cover of an overly sexualized magazine, “there was really no choice at the time.”

She indicated during the August 22 episode of Big Ideas with Rachel Bilson Audio notation. “Halle Berry He was doing it, for God’s sake. Jennifer Aniston He was doing that.”

Looking back at the pictures that were taken” [film] “We wanted you to do it,” she added, “maybe we were too young to be exposed and feel pressured to do it.”

And as the years passed, Elisha – a mother to her daughter zaphyrAnd 4 and 6 months old myth—Note that those photos are not completely gone.

“That’s what I have to explain to my children,” Elisha said. “That weird, weird outfit and hair extensions. And you know what’s crazy? I don’t even know how accurate these photos are as much as, like, airbrushing.”

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