Elon Musk Subpoenas Former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey

Jack Dorsey have served.

And the lawsuit between Elon Musk As Twitter heads to trial in Delaware on October 17, a Tesla executive has summoned the former Twitter CEO, according to court documents obtained by E! News.

The subpoena comes as Musk made an effort to back out of the $44 billion deal he struck to acquire Twitter in April. According to previous court documents obtained from E! News, Twitter alleges that Musk cited an alleged information-sharing breach, inaccurate representation of data, and the dismissal of some employees as the reason for withdrawing from the deal.

According to the documents, Twitter said Musk’s allegations were unfounded, and instead indicated that Musk was trying to back out of the agreement due to his remorse for his purchase.

Musk announced that he was no longer interested in buying the social media platform in July. At that time, his lawyer Mike Ringlersent a letter to Twitter’s board of directors, stating that Twitter “refused to provide” information about the number of bot accounts using the site.

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