Embark on a journey to The Fabulous Lives of Real Girlfriends in Paris Cast

The stars of the new reality series Bravo are Emily in Paris IRL.

Life in the City of Lights may not always be glamor and magic, but its ladies Real girlfriends in Paris Make la vie en Paris seem like a breeze with her gorgeous and dreamy social media posts.

very much like Real Housewives The series follows a group of gorgeous and strong-willed women. Only this time, they’re six American expats who navigate the ups and downs of romantic relationships, friendships, jobs, and more in France.

If you’ve ever wondered what it feels like to live in your twenties in Europe, look up the Instagram pages of your friend group. From rocking the latest fashion trends and traveling to other countries to spending time back home in the US, these ladies are living the lives of their dreams (and the lives of ours!).

Scroll down to see the wonderful life of Real girlfriends in Paris stars Anya FirestoneAnd the Emily GorelickAnd the Casey MargoAnd the Margo LinelAnd the Adja Tour And the Victoria Zito.

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