Fans react to Olivia Newton-John who left Emmys In Memoriam

Olivia Newton-JohnHer fans continue to prove their devotion to her.

Fans spoke out on social media after the British-Australian actress, who died in August at the age of 73, was not included in a memorial segment at the 2022 Emmys Awards on September 12. john legend She sang “Cut” while the award shows honoring legends like Betty WhiteAnd the Bob SagetAnd the Sydney Poitiers And the James Can.

In fact, Olivia was included in the Emmys’ online Memoriam page, but viewers noted that the Emmy Awards television broadcast did not feature fat The star who appeared in TV series, including Live Sordid: The SeriesAnd the a houseAnd the Murphy Brown And the Ned and Stacey. It also made the inscription in Dancing with the StarsAnd the free womanAnd the Talk, RuPaul’s Drag Race, The View And more offers.

One Twitter user said: “Hey Emmys, This was a great In Memoriam tribute, but Olivia Newton-John left.”

Another pointed out, “Wait but why wasn’t Olivia Newton-John at the #Emmys2022 Memorial???”

“She was and always will be an icon,” a third fan wrote on Twitter. “And you forgot her????”

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