Find out if Bachelorette Rachel sees a future with Avene

It was the comeback that shook the Bachelor nation.

Avene Jones He made a shocking debut during the September 20 Dramatic Finals The bacheloretteappear out of the blue after The Bachelorette Rachel Rikia Had one last passionate conversation with Tino Franco. It came as a pleasant surprise to fans, who, only moments before, saw their engagement end spectacularly after it was revealed that Tino cheated on Rachel after filming ended.

“Do you want to get out of here and catch up?” asked Avene Rachel, in a tan suit. Rachel said to him: I don’t like more than that.

Avene and Rachel’s relationship ended with a sad ending during the first part of Bachelorette The final took place on September 13 when Avene was unable to commit to participating, forcing Rachel to send him home.

But hey, what do they say about second chances?

Rachel said exclusively to E! News. “I was really curious. He eventually told me he wanted to be there as a support system because he knew it was going to be a really tough conversation. It’s always been a safe place for me.”

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