Find out if Gabby and Rachel were engaged to The Bachelor

In front of a live studio audience, Rachel revealed to the host Jesse Palmer This is like The bachelorette She and Tino hit the airwaves, and began to have problems, which she said eventually led to her betraying her.

Rachel made it clear that she finally ran into Tino – while the cameras were rolling!

After Rachel receives an impassioned talk from Gabe, Tino arrives with a diary in his hands. He said, “So I made a mistake.” “I kissed another girl, but the second time I did, you knew I belonged to you.”

Tino explained that he kissed a girl he knew before the show during the time he and Rachel were having problems. That’s when Tino started reading exceptions from his diary that tracked the timeline of their relationship.

The pair wandered in circles, which included an accusation by Tino that Rachel refused to go to therapy (which she denied), before Tino left the house. In a conversation with a producer, Tino complained, “This is nothing more than making me look bad. This totally hardened me.”

Tino started crying and said, “Just tell her to break up with me. Let me out.”

Once back home, Tino said to Rachel, “I totally got emotional betrayal, but I didn’t want to pile on you.”

After another tense conversation, Tino left the house again and unbuttoned his shirt in Rachel’s front yard for some reason. He finally got back inside – with his shirt button back – and fortunately it was all over.

Rachel tells Tino that she’s finished and returns his ring to him and he leaves.

Rachel asked herself again, alone in her house, “Am I crazy or did this just happen?”

We kind of ask ourselves the same thing, Rachel!

Back in the studio, Tino came out to have one last chat with Rachel, who was just as exhausted and groggy as the one we had just seen. but, The bachelorette There was still one last trick up her sleeve, as Jesse said someone else demanded a chance to chat with Rachel.

That’s when Avene, whom Rachel broke up with in the first part of the finale, dropped out.

“Do you want to get out of here and catch up?” Rachel asked, and she replied with a glimmer in her eyes, “I would love nothing more.”

We love happy endings!

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