Find out who will join the Yellowstone Spin of 1923

1923 You just got a TV star in 2022.

supernatural‘s Sebastien Rocher He is now joining the cast Taylor Sheridan‘s Yellowstone spin off, 1923 in a recurring role. Deadline reports that details regarding the character the French actor will play remain a mystery. However, we know he will be joining a star-studded cast including the likes Harrison Ford And the Helen Mirren.

The new version represents the latest chapter of Paramount + Yellowstone Universe. for every streamer, 1923 Is an “origin story”, which will follow the pre-hit cross-section 1883.

Two generations have passed now, and we’ll see the Duttons of the 20th century “struggling to survive the historic drought, the chaos and prohibition, and the cattle rustling epidemic,” according to the signs, from the Great Depression in Montana, which preceded the nation by nearly a decade.

In February, the series’ executive producer David C. Glaser announce 1923saying, “Taylor Sheridan has set roots for the Dutton family tree that stands strong and tall with many branches that continue to attract record-breaking audiences.”

The series is currently in production.

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