First look at the ‘Wicked Good’ trailer for the frustrating Disney+ movie

Fairytales are in the air this fall.

Disney+ released the trailer on September 9 for the highly anticipated movie fascinated aptly titled sequel Frustratingand his looks, star-studded actors including Amy Adams And the Maya Rudolph He takes us on a magical roller coaster train when it falls on November 24th.

More than a decade after the original movie hit theaters, viewers see the characters 15 years after the events of fascinated. Robert (Patrick DempseyGiselle (Adams) is now married, and MorganGabriella Baldacino) in her teenage years.

The teaser begins by showing that Gisele, in her own words, wants to “start a new life” as we see her getting ready to move out of town. She seems optimistic about the transition, declaring happily, “I know change can be scary, but it can also be exciting,” while Robert clearly shares the same sentiment. As he says, “If you learn anything from meeting a princess on a bulletin board, then you just have to jump in.”

But fans soon see another reality once they arrive at their shaggy new home in the suburban community of Monroeville, which Giselle calls “fixer-upper” in the promo.

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