Florence Pugh and more stars at the premiere of Don’t Worry Darling

Don’t worry, my dear, this red carpet is worth swooning over!

Harry StilesAnd the Olivia WildeAnd the Florence Boge and other listeners Be sure to bring the success factor to the 2022 Venice Film Festival. Indeed, while attending the premiere of a film do not worry my love On September 5, several members of the cast turned the red carpet into their own personal runway.

Florence, who plays Alice, stunned in this glossy black Valentino design. The eye-catching outfit, fresh from the brand’s 2022 couture collection, features puffed sleeves that drop off the shoulder, a floor-length train and a corset bodice with short shorts. The actress completed her look with feathered pumps and a gorgeous necklace.

Harry and Olivia were on the same wavelength as they both opted for colorful Gucci outfits.

Olivia, who directed the suspense movie and publicly confirmed that she was dating Harry in January 2021 while filming the movie, stunned in a yellow diamond-embellished dress with a robe and a floor-length train.

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