Gabe calls The Bachelorette finale a “big fat-magnifying conflagration”

After that, Gabe introduced Ericher last fiancĂ©, her parents, her aunt and her favorite lovers Grandpa John. The visit itself went very well, with Eric telling Gabe’s family, “I can’t imagine my life without her.”

Back to Rachel, who was still reeling from the awkward conversation with Avene when she introduced Tino for her family. Tino was so embarrassed and nervous, he couldn’t connect in the same way that Avene did. When Big confronted Tony Tino about Tino’s family disliking Brachel, Tino expressed his own shock, saying, “To be honest, all I talk to my dad about is sports.”

However, he assured Rachel’s family that they would come and ended the day noting, “I’m a little in awe of how good it was to meet the Rachel family.”

With potential engagements looming, it’s clear that Rachel and Avene still have a lot to discuss. Rachel visited his room, telling him she was “shocked” by his seemingly sudden hint that he wasn’t ready for engagement.

“I want to leave here with you,” Avene said to Rachel. “I want it more than anything else. I’m sitting here trying to fight for it.”

But Rachel will not accept that.

Rachel broke down crying and told Aven that things between them were over. As they sobbed, they hugged and Anne whispered, “I’m sorry, Rachel.”

Of course, Avene was behind the scenes and went out for a one-on-one conversation with Rachel, as they both sorted things out. Avene said he regretted not telling Rachel about his reluctance to get engaged in front of her friends, and eventually said, “I didn’t quite understand what she needed and what she wanted.”

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