Game of Thrones secrets that won’t leave you cold

Game of thronesThe first episode on April 17, 2011 was visually stunning and very intriguing – and it wasn’t the original $10 million pilot episode filmed to suck you into the world of Westeros.

Actor and Director Tom McCarthywho previously directed Dinklage in station agent It went on to win the Academy Award for Best Picture in 2016 SpotlightHe had an active role in I got Casting process helped it first the first episode.

Which, ironically, felt a bit very It includes. “There were concerns about whether we were getting wide enough shots,” Lombardo told Heberd. Noting the lack of epic scope, “I remember the quote was, ‘We could have shot this in Burbank. “

on me Craig Mazin And the John Augustpodcast Notes In 2016, Weiss described watching the reactions of friends she gathers for the pilot show as “one of the most painful experiences of my life.”

Benioff noted that no one seemed to realize that adoring twins Jaime and Cersei Lannister were brother and sister – “a major and major plot point that we somehow failed to identify.”

They took credit at the time to HBO’s co-chairman Richard Bilbler With the ability to see what was there towards what could be. He ordered ten episodes, including a new pilot, which they began filming in July 2010.

After watching the version that arrived on HBO – directed by Tim Van Pattenwith McCarthy honored as a consulting producer—at the series premiere, Mazen recalled saying to Weiss and Benioff afterward, “This is the biggest salvage in Hollywood history.”

The Chernobyl The writer continued, “Because it wasn’t just that they memorized something bad and turned it into something really good. I saved a whole piece of crap and turned it into something cool. That never happened!”

McCarthy didn’t go into details, but noted to ABC News in 2016 that when they went back to “reshoot and re-do the pilot,” he was already busy working on his 2011 movie. win win He will not leave. “And he said, “[GOT] It was very successful without me.”

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