Get out loud for Jennifer Lopez’s essential career tips

He raises his voice for good reason.

Jennifer Lopez Grameen America’s “Raising Latina Voices,” which took place on September 17, helped on Backlot at Universal Studios in Los Angeles.

An eyewitness says E! news that Ben Affleck He was also present to support his wife, who spoke to more than 400 Latino entrepreneurs and promoted her latest charity project, the Limitless Labs partnership with Grameen America, which aims to empower small Latino-owned businesses.

“What I saw growing up was that it was very, very difficult for people like me, low-income Latinos, especially women, to access capital,” Jennifer told the audience. “In fact, we are still 60 percent less likely to get loans from national banks, which is fundamentally unfair and fundamentally unAmerican, and has made the promise of the American Dream seem partially empty. That’s why I’m here today, along with Grameen to change that “.

The marry me The star, who wore a chic off-white Fendi jumpsuit at the event, vowed to “make that promise true to everyone” by making sure that “people who look like me or come from places like where I come from have the same opportunity to borrow money to start their own business.” and achieve their dreams.

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