Giannina Ghibli Gives Boyfriend Blake Horstman a Blonde Makeover

Giannina Ghibli made Blake Horstman lighten (literally).

Blake is doing new work and it’s all thanks to Giannina. As she explained on her Instagram stories on September 22, Blake lost a bet, and thus, his punishment was to go blonde.

So, how did Blake feel about this transformation? He declared in her stories, “I am a man of my words!”

Let’s know it wasn’t Giannina who picked the ovary. Soldiers of the two BSC alum Elise Delbaum To get the job done and dye Blake’s hair. But Giannina provided moral support!

It’s going to be awesome,” Giannina told Blake as she filmed the operation. “If not, we just shave it off!”

While Blake admitted to being nervous about the change, the mood was as light as his hair. After all, he was seen in a video popping a champagne bottle during the procedure.

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