Gilmore Girls Scott Patterson Says Show Made Him ‘Shameful’

Scott Patterson He said he was upset about filming a certain scene in Gilmore Girls.

Patterson revealed the one moment he was playing dinner owner Luke Danes that made him feel “kind of like a stick of meat,” as he said on the August 24 episode of the show. I’m everything with Scott Patterson Audio notation.

Remember one scene from the show’s third season, where Lorelai (Lauren Graham) and Sookie (Melissa McCarthyThey discuss Luke (Patterson’s) ass as he repairs the stove. Patterson recalls that Suki notes that his buttocks have a “nice shape.”

Then he shared his personal feelings about filming the scene and thought about how “disturbing” it was for him.

“It’s annoying because you’re being treated like something. It’s annoying and disgusting and I had to put up with that during this whole scene and so many photos,” he said. “It was the most annoying time I’ve ever had on that set. I couldn’t wait for that day to be over.”

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