Gina Rodriguez shares how the new role shaped impending motherhood

in lost oleJenna plays a mother in central Kentucky who aims to integrate her heritage and background into her son’s life. It made Jenna think about how she would do the same when her family began to grow.

“I have mixed cultures in my family and mixed religions,” she explained. “There’s Christianity, and there’s also Buddhism, and there’s also Judaism, all the different traditions that those different religions believe in. My older sister, who converted to Judaism and her Jewish husband, did the Sabbath. truly Do it. No electronics for the weekend. All the family time and all the teamwork and dinner.”

Jenna said she looks forward to incorporating all kinds of different aspects of religion and culture into her child’s life – even aspects that don’t explicitly belong to her.

“We’re going to be a part of that. I didn’t necessarily set up with these traditions, and now I see it imprinted in the lives of my nephews and nephews,” she went on, and how incredibly holding the family together. My husband and I can really be affected by this experience because we share with them.”

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