Gwyneth Paltrow Kids Apple and Moses Martin look like this grew up in the new

Ghouinith baltrow She relives summer memories with her children.

The Goop founder shared a sweet tribute to the season as it drew to a close by dumping photos of videos and photos on Instagram. In the footage, Gwyneth documented moments with her friends and family – including her two children appleand 18 and Musa16.

“Summer 2022, you brought everything relentlessly,” Gwyneth wrote in his September 4 post. “Exhilaration, adventure, transition, joy and heartbreak alike.”

“Thank you for the reminders, the connections, and the insight,” she added.

In a single take from the carousel, Apple and Moses – which Gwyneth shares with ex-husband Chris Martin– They were seen posing for a photo next to their mother with the two looking like a spitting photo of their parents.

Another clip shows Gwyneth and Moses smiling for a photo outside a private jet.

Gwyneth has already spent a summer of books.

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