Hailey Bieber Creates a Cargo Pants Case with a Cool 2000s Look

Hailey Bieber Continue to master the art of Y2K fashion.

The model once again proved why she’s a trendsetter after wearing a nostalgic ensemble to celebrate her niece irisHis second birthday is on August 19.

For the special occasion, Hailey wore a pink spaghetti strap blue blouse and beige baggy pants – a look that dominated the late ’90s and early ’00s. She wore chunky white sneakers, blush sunglasses, and a pink claw clip, giving the complete look of the Y2K look.

“There’s a little princess having a birthday party today,” Hailey captioned her post, along with a series of candid photos from the party.

In one take, he found Hailey and Justin BeiberDressed in bright yellow shorts and a white trucker hat, wide smiles flashed as they gracefully held the birthday girl.

Another photo shows Hailey in a full aunt pose, gently holding her niece, who is her older niece. Alia Baldwin.

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