Harry Styles’ mom Ann slams critics after praising Olivia Wilde

At the Venice International Film Festival earlier this month, Olivia had nothing but good things to say about her acting partner.

Olivia said during the film’s press conference on September 5, “Florence is a force, we are so grateful that she was able to make it happen tonight despite being produced on the dunes. I know as a director how upsetting it is to lose an actress even for one day, so I am so grateful to her, so grateful very much for her Denis Villeneuve to help us, and we’re really happy to celebrate her work tonight.”

She also briefly addressed online speculation.

“For all the endless gossip and all the hype out there, I mean the internet is feeding itself. I don’t feel the need to contribute. I think it’s nutritious enough,” she said during the Venice Film Festival press conference on September 5th.

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