Harry Styles’ mom Ann Twist pays tribute to her best friend Olivia Wilde

do not worry, Harry Stiles“My mom has nothing but golden words for Olivia Wilde.

Ann Twist She shared her review of her son’s girlfriend’s movie on social media – and it’s only getting critical acclaim do not worry my love. Keen to be one of the first to see the film in France, Anne documented the night by standing in front of the poster with a smile on her face.

Her thoughts on psychological arousal? Sweeter than watermelon sugar.

“Don’t worry baby” You were perfect! Ann wrote on Instagram on September 21, accompanied by photos of her and her friends pointing their thumbs up. “Really enjoyed from start to finish.”

The 54-year-old also gave a nod to Olivia, who announced her relationship with Harry in January 2021 after a group meeting. do not worry my love.

“Well done @oliviawilde and the team for pulling us in,” continued Ann, “well done darling @harrystyles for being an amazing jack. So proud as always.”

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