Heiress Elisa Fletcher’s family talks about her death

Elisa FletcherA family in mourning.

The billionaire heiress and kindergarten teacher, 34, was found dead on September 5, three days after she was kidnapped while out jogging in Memphis, according to the city’s police department. In the wake of the tragic discovery, her family released a statement sharing how they are “sad and devastated by this senseless loss”.

“Lisa has been a joy to many — her family, friends, colleagues, students, parents, parishioners, Second Presbyterian Church and everyone who knows her,” read a statement published by local news station WREG on September 6. “Now is the time to remember and celebrate how special she was and to support those who cared about her so much.”

The family thanked the community for their “expression of love and concern” amid this difficult time, and continued, “We are deeply grateful to local, state and federal law enforcement for their tireless efforts to find Lisa and bring justice to the person responsible for this horrific crime.”

They added, “We hope that everyone, including representatives of the media, understands the family’s need to grieve in privacy without outside interference during this painful time.”

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