Here’s what the card said on top of Queen Elizabeth II’s coffin

The remaining flowers are “scented pelargoniums; garden roses; autumn hydrangeas; sedums; dahlias; and scabies,” according to the palace, “all in shades of gold, pink, and deep burgundy, with accents of white, to reflect the royal standard, upon which it perches.”

Symbolic references to the Queen can be spotted throughout the funeral, with many family members, including Kate Middleton And the Megan MarkleThey wear mourning clothes in honor of the late king. until Princess Charlotte She paid a subtle salute, wearing a small horseshoe pin in honor of her great-grandmother’s love for horses.

Before the state funeral, the Queen lied at Westminster Abbey for four days, as guests waited in long lines for hours to pay their respects.

During the lying period, the coffin looked exactly the same as it did during the September 19 funeral. However, in Scotland, the sarcophagus made of English oak was covered with the crown of Scotland and a wreath of white flowers.

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