HGTV stars have a piece of This Is Our History

The son of And the Erin Napier They follow in Pearson’s footsteps.

This is because hometown The stars are now the new owners of a very special car that once belonged to Habib this is us family. The couple confirmed on August 29 that they have officially purchased the popular Jeep from the popular NBC show this is us.

Napers’ announcement came courtesy of someone very close to him this is us’ Produce: Chris Sullivanwho played Toby in all six seasons, and his wife Rachel.

Rachel began the video by explaining, “So, as you might remember, Chris brought the Wagoneer family from the Pearson family.”

So, how do Ben and Erin now own the famous car? Well, as Chris explained, “there were actually two Wagoneers” used on the show.

And Ben couldn’t be more grateful to Chris and Rachel for letting him know about this opportunity. “Rachel, Chris, thank you for telling us about this Jeep,” he tells the couple excitedly in the video as he rides with his wife in their new whip. “If you hadn’t told us they were selling two — not one, but two — Pearson cars.”

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