How is Cheyenne Mom’s Cheyenne, Maci healed after gun violence

Cheyenne Floyd And the Maci Bookout McKineyTheir friendship grows deeper than they expected.

While Teen mom og Bringing reality stars together in 2018, the couple’s bond became even stronger after they became victims of gun violence on separate occasions.

On the September 20 episode of Little Mom: The Next ChapterCheyenne went on to recount an incident in which her car was shot 13 times while she was driving her children. Hoping for support, Cheyenne contacted Macy’s, who recalled her traumatic experience.

“With me, I didn’t target and my kids weren’t with me,” Massey said. “You were in the wrong place at the wrong time.”

During season 9 of Teen mom ogMassey witnessed a shooting at a gas station near her home in Chattanooga, Tennessee. She said she suffered from PTSD from the accident and continued to seek professional help from a trauma therapist. It would be in your best interest to be proactive,” Massey told Sheyan. “It’s going to be really hard.”

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