How the Beverly Hills, 90210 Cast is a tribute to Joe E Tata

Beverly Hills, 90210 Actor Jo E Tata dead at 85

Cast members Beverly Hills 90210 They remember their late star.

Brian Austin GreenAnd the Tori spelling And the Jenny Garth Share a salute to the deceased jo e tatawho played Nat on the Fox, posthumously died on August 24.

On August 25, Tori shared a heartfelt message to Instagram in honor of Joe, whom she considered “one of the best, most interesting, professional and amazing human beings I have had the pleasure of working with and most importantly being friends with in my entire life.”

Tori went on to say how Joe reminded her of her father, Aaron Spelling, because “they were pretty much the same”. She recalled how Nat and Tori’s Donna walked down the aisle during the show—something Tori said she “wouldn’t want in any other way.”

She wrote, “I asked our writers to have Nat be the one to walk Donna down the aisle.” “It meant a lot to me. Personally and professionally. Based on our true close friendship and the fact that he was a male role model of fun, caring, loyalty, and protection for me, it was just the way it should be.”

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