How was the role of National Treasure perfect for Catherine Zeta-Jones

The national treasure The series has secured a Hollywood treasure.

In an exclusive interview with E! The news at the D23 fair, Catherine Zeta-Jones Share what national treasure Fans can expect her next role in the Disney + spin-off titled National Treasure: The Edge of History.

Describing the film’s series as “unforgettable, enjoyable, imaginative and legendary,” Catherine promised that the new series would be as well, adding, “It’s so much fun. We’re taking that concept, and really bringing it into today.”

And as the Chicago actress shared with E! News, a lot of changes are expected, including her character. “I’m not playing a character that was in those movies,” she explained. “So it was really fun for me. I just had a ball.”

Noting that the role is “right in my alley,” she’s also a fan of history because she “just looks for treasures all the time. I’m always antique.”

As for what we can expect from the series, it will be “told from the point of view of the young heroine, Jess,” according to the official synopsis, “a brilliant and resourceful dream searching for answers about her family — who embarks on the adventure of a lifetime to unravel the truth of the past and rescue a lost American treasure.”

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