Hwang Dong-hyuk Hopes Squid Game Changes Emmys

Hwang Dong Hyuk He got the green light to claim his prize.

Hwang received the 2022 Emmy Award for Outstanding Directing for a Dramatic Series for his work in Squid game.

The Korean survival show, which collected 14 Emmy nominations for 2022, is not only the most-watched show ever on Netflix but also the first non-English language show to be nominated in the main drama category in Emmys history.

And these achievements did not go unnoticed by Hwang, but the director has a special perspective on the achievements.

“Where squid game I’ve had Emmys nominations, people keep telling me I made history, but I don’t think I made history myself,” Hwang explained during his acceptance speech. I think, I have to say, we made history together. “

Huang noted that he hopes the history-making move will set a precedent for the future.

“I really hope squid game He said, “It won’t be the last non-English series that will be here at the Emmys.” “And I also hope this won’t be my last Emmy series either.”

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