Inside Chris Tomlin’s own world as the most vocal artist in music

For some, Chris TomlinThe company’s achievements are best described as unspeakable.

At the age of 50, the singer sold all the yards, got a Grammy and earned timeThe title of “The Most Singing Artist” thanks to his songs that he sang in churches around the world.

But while the singer is preparing to release his new album Always On September 9, Chris said his music is still rooted in his humble beginnings.

“I come from a small town in East Texas,” Chris shared exclusively with E! News. “Literally 2,500 people in my town with a dairy queen and one red light. Right now, I live in a small town outside of Nashville. I love to do things with my family. I’m a dad to a girl and even when I’m on the road, people who will be around me think I’m a pretty normal guy.”

Like many parents, Chris had to adapt when the coronavirus pandemic halted touring and performing. Having a good time at home with his wife Lauren Breckin and their three daughters—Ashlyn10, Madison7 and 18 months elle grisSome songs from his latest album.

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